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Sunday, 20 September 2015

If you have read my previous post regarding my skin then you will now that my main issue, which I am currently trying to combat is that I suffer with clogged and congested skin. Previous to me trying the Proactiv+ 3 Step System skincare regime, I was on the hunt for something to help reduce/remove my clogged and congested pores. 

I was on Cult Beauty picking out skincare when I came across the Odacité Clogged Pores Serum Concentrate (RRP £25.00). It is constructed to flush out toxins and minimise the likelihood of blackheads and blemishes. It contains jojoba oil which is designed to help normalise the skin's oil production and re-establishing equilibrium to help prevent excess and subsequent sebum build-up. The lavender is there for anti-bacterial purposes, helping to fight those breakouts. It has calming and comforting properties, as you will already know, which allow it to be a soothing night-time treatment for aggravated skin.

The vial contains 5ml of concentrated oil, which is supposed to be enough in order to target blemishes and breakouts as well as brightening the skin and boosting hydration. It is supposed to be potent enough to penetrate deep down within skin tissue helping to repair signs of damage without the need for chemical additives. 

The verdict - I used this every night before my moisturiser, massaging into my skin and again in the morning mixed in to my day-time moisturiser to really get the full benefits of this product to be thoroughly disappointed with the outcome. This lasted me no more than 3 weeks (I think even less), annoyingly I followed the instructions and added just the number of drops it suggested, being careful to not overuse. It did leave my skin looking brighter, but it failed where I need it most; unclogging my pores. It is a lovely oil to apply to your face, but for £25.00 per bottle I think I'll pass on this one. I may try other Odacité products, but only when I am feeling spendy.

Let me know if you have tried any of the Odacité products, I would love to know what worked for you. 

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  1. Such a lovely review! Love reading it so much xx



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