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Sunday, 2 August 2015
So to round this Interior Design Series up I am ending with the bathroom. If you've missed the other posts to the series I will link them down below so you can go check them out! 

The bathroom, along with the kitchen I would possibly find the hardest to do as they are more a design thing, or structural type project rather than a decorative type project such as the living room and bedroom would be. If you want to change your bathroom or kitchen you have to rip things out, sort out piping and all that confusing stuff I probably would get someone else to do. A professional might I add, not just Jerry down the road with a couple of spanners. I think when it comes down to the bathroom you can't really cut corners to try and save yourself money if you are redesigning the whole room and I feel it would really benefit to pay for the professional. 

I've never been a bath person, having really long thick hair and OCD issues I favour a shower over baths. However, getting older and the fact my parents don't have a bath anymore means I am appreciating a bath every now and again when I can. Nothing beats a steaming hot bubble bath, a glass of red and some candles. Am I right? So my bath needs a good ledge for candles and that oh so important glass of wine. I also want a shower that replicates a waterfall and just drowns me so when I put my head under the water my shampoo is rinsed out immediately! 

I'd love a 'his & her' sink just because my razor needs to stay my razor and I do have an abundance of beauty products and I'd need both sides to be able to fit them all on...obviously. 

(On a funny side note, yesterday my boyfriend and I went to get a few bits in town and walked passed a couple of independent furniture places. He spots some metal pot things that look all rustic and said 'oh, they're nice' - to be honest they were cute but he goes on to say how he would like a wooden or metal themed living room? Little does he know that I've already planned our how our living room will look like. He gets a games room, I get the rest of the house to decorate. That was the deal) 

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