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Monday, 20 October 2014

Today's post is a little different from my beauty or fashion posts but is pretty relevant to my life at the moment, so I thought I would share with you some tips on how to interview. I'm no expert nor am I even good at interviewing - probably shouldn't be doing this post you might think? Well yes, I thought so too but out of the 6 jobs I've interviewed for, I've got 5. Not too bad I'd say for a 20 year old who's nerves are on the scale ridiculous.

I've recently been offered a new job starting 10th November (wish me luck) after completing one initial interview and one call-back interview. Not being hugely experienced in the field I applied for (8 month apprenticeship & NVQ completed with 4 month's working full time permantly for my past employer is my experience) I thought I had no hope of getting the job. Well smack me across the face and tell me off for putting myself down! I was apparently the best candidate for the position and that makes me a very happy camper. My confidence was wearing thin and to be honest after my first interview with the company I didn't get my hopes up. They always comment on age and experience and I though 'brilliant I have neither'. Apparently those things don't always matter, so if you're feeling a little down about an interview because they want the more experienced, older candidate then you're not alone. I appreciate that many job advertisements state what they want, that can be helpful as the ones where they are very specific on their requirements I don't really bother applying. However, age and less experience can be to your advantage so don't get disheartened.

Tip 1: Dress Appropriately
Make an effort on the way you look - first impressions do count and they want someone presentable that reflects the company well. You don't have to buy a whole new suit, work with what you have. Wear a pair of trousers, a blouse tucked in and a blazer, I'm sure you all have these lying about somewhere. I always wear heels to an interview, but that is entirely up to you - you need to feel confident and comfortable so if you're stumbling around the place in a pair of 6 inches, it won't give off that professional vibe. 

Tip 2: Be Yourself
Trust me I know this is easier said than done when your nerves are all over the place, but remember they need to get to know you. I'm such a shy person when it comes to meeting new people too, so if you're like me interviews are literally a nightmare. I was very lucky with my last interview in the sense that the people were extremely lovely and made me feel very welcome and it wasn't all that formal - there was a lot of laughing and joking! If you aren't so lucky, make sure your personality shines through though, I guarentee they'll love having someone young, fun and can bring something extra to the workplace.

Tip 3: It's not all about experience..
So you go in with little experience - so what?! Make that a key feature about yourself and tell them that they want you because you aren't set in your ways, and they can mould you to how they want you. I actually used that in my interview and they completely agreed. You can grow with the company and with that there is always chances for progression. 

Tip 4: Do your homework
This is the bit I struggle with because I'm always so busy. Just take 5 minutes to even go on their website and make sure you at least know what they do. If you don't have time to go through everything beforehand ask questions at the interview!

Tip 5: Ask Questions
Following on from the previous tip; asking questions shows keen interest and that you are paying attention. If you are unsure of anything ASK. Employers will appreciate this more than if it then comes to the end of the interview and you say nothing. Some may cover everything which may be difficult to question on; in that case say they've pretty much covered everything but ask for an email address so you can contact them in case you think of anything.

These are a few of my tips that have helped me in interviews in the past. I hope they've helped you too! Good luck in any new ventures and be confident. If you have any of your own tips then please share them below as I'm sure we can all learn from them.

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  1. Great tips - my number one tip would be to go for as many interviews as possible - even if you don't hugely want the job. You make contacts and its great to build up your confidence!!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

    1. Thanks for your tip Josie. Completely agree, means you get more practice at interviewing! They could also think about you for future job positions if you left a good impression. x

  2. I love reading this kind of post - something that'll definitely help me out in future! I'm only 16 and haven't really done the whole interviews thing yet but it's good to know that age and experience (or lack of) don't always make a difference!
    lily x


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