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Monday, 6 October 2014

We weren't all blessed with gorgeous full lips but we can now fake them with a few helpful tips and tricks that mean you won't have to go under the needle to get the lips you lust after.

I like many girls crave bigger lips, although mine aren't tiny I do wish they were a little more 'juicy'. Everyone is going crazy over Kylie Jenner and her new lips (which FYI are definitely lip fillers) so I thought I would show you my top tips on how I make my lips appear fuller. 

* I would of shown you pictures of these tips and how they affect your lips but I've got a major allergic reaction to something so my face isn't worth seeing right now.

1. Exfoliate
Nobody likes dry, chapped or flaky lips and that can also play a massive part on how they look. Exfoliate them daily to get rid of all the flakiness but also to bring the blood to your lips, which in turn makes them fuller. I like using a homemade recipe of sugar and lemon juice which is really yummy and extremely inexpensive. Just scrubs this on your lips and lick off. 

2. Moisturise
In combination with the first tip, moisturising will keep your lips from drying out. Everything looks more plump when there's a little added moisture to them, so keep some lip balm handy!

3. Highlight & Contour
Highlight & contouring isn't just for the face. Highlight the bits you want to bring forward such as your cupid's bow and centre of lips and shade the parts to 'sink' them back creating a shadow and therefore creating the illusion of fuller lips. You would shade just in the middle underneath your bottom lip. 

4. Ombre´
Just like highlighting & contouring you are creating an illusion of fuller lips with the darker shade on the outside of the lip and the lighter shade right in the centre. You can do this with a darker lip pencil and a lipgloss or use a white pencil in the centre, making sure you blend everything together for a seamless colour.

5. Conceal
Concealer isn't just for those pesky spots, use it to conceal your lips for preparation of lipliner and to neaten up the edges of your lips making a super crisp line to make your lips stand out. You can also use it as a highlighter if you have one a few shades lighter than your skintone.

6. Go Nude!
This is my pet hate - over drawn lips but with a bold lip colour. Unless you are super talented with your lipliner please don't do it. The best way to create a fuller lip look is by using a nude lipliner and lipstick combo. The Kylie Jenner lip is 'Soar' lipliner by MAC if that's what you're are looking for. I personally use 'Spice' lipliner by MAC or 'Boldly Bare' lipliner and 'Kinda Sexy' lipstick by MAC. 

7. Use a Lip Plumper Lipgloss
If you can handle the 20 minutes of pain then I highly recommend the Dreamweave Lip Voltage - I did a review on this here. This is going to give you full lips without the trouble of applying make-up and getting it to look spot on. Be warned though; it does hurt! There are other lipgloss' which are less intense and you can also make your own by mixing cinnamon oil or powder into vaseline. Just make sure you know how much to put in, I'm sure there are loads of tutorials on YouTube to help.

I hope this helped you girls out there a bit, these are just things I do myself to make my lips appear fuller. Let me know in the comments what you do! I'd love to try out new techniques.


  1. I have the thinnest lips ever so I will definitely be trying these tips out! Thanks for sharing! x

    Beauty with charm | GIVEAWAY

    1. Brilliant, let me know how you get on. x

  2. wonderful cosmetics:)! I love MAC:) please visit me in free time:)

  3. I really love the Lush lip scrub myself! Love these tips, I want to try that Mac Palette so much

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