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Monday, 1 September 2014
I'd heard of Make Up Rumours via Twitter and when they were looking for beauty bloggers I jumped at the chance. I was sent some products to review and I also bought a few products to add to the collection just so I could show you more, I can't remember what was sent and what I bought but the total is around £18 and that includes P&P. 

Make Up Rumours is an online retailer for Pink Cosmetics London Ltd who provide a huge range of make up products from just £1. All of you girls who are on a budget then listen up! Stay till the end for a cheeky voucher code too. 

Pink Tease Pressed Powder - Nude* - £1.00 this shade is slightly too light for me at the moment but for a light dusting just to set foundation it does the job as a powder would. They have 3 colours, although they don't differ much in colour. The texture is a little chalky when I swatched it here however when applied to the face on a brush it's fine, although there is a fair bit of fall out. But can you really go wrong with a £1.00 pressed powder? I just have this in my make up bag I carry around with me for top ups during the day and I have no worry of it breaking. 

 Pink Tease Bronzing Powder - Sunkissed* - £1.00. Again, the bronzing powders have 3 shades which do differ slightly in undertones. This one I picked wouldn't be great for contouring because it has a very red undertone and will make you look orange, however when applied with a large powder brush and sweeped across the face in a '3' shape gives a nice sunkissed look. See what I did there? The texture is the same as the face powder with the fall out but once applied I've found no problem with this. 

 L-R: Shade 10, Shade 6, Shade 13, Shade 18, Shade 19

I chose a mixture of different shades to try as I'm such a nude lipstick girl. Shade 10* is a blue toned lilac, this one I didn't like at all, the colour washes me out totally and it is a very drying lipstick which feels very grainy on application. Shade 6* is a gorgeous bright pink shade similar to 'Girl About Town' by MAC but less blue. It has a lovely texture and isn't drying on the lips. Shade 13* is by far my favourite, it's a gorgeous deep berry colour which will be perfect for Autumn/Winter time and I know I'll get tons of use out of this. The texture is lovely upon application and is very pigmented. Shade 18* is a muted red/brown nude shade, it's not something I would really go for but I really like the colour and looks great with a slight tan. Shade 19* is a bright orange red which I can not pull off to save my life unfortunately. It's a gorgeous colour, however and applies really nicely to the lips. I'll try this with a dark red lipliner and try the ombré look and see how that suffices. 

All lipsticks are £1.00 so an absolute bargain in my eyes and it allows you to try shades you wouldn't normally try without having the price tag of a more expensive lipstick.

These eyelashes are not natural by any means, but in a way I do quite like them on. However, they are very heavy and have a thick band so are quite hard to apply. They come with their own lash adhesive which I didn't use but that's always handy to have. The gel liner although not massively pigmented, which isn't a bad thing especially if you aren't great at applying gel liner, has a nice smooth texture. Just layer it on to give the amount of intensity you desire. It also comes with a brush, although it's quite a thick brush so I just used my MAC liner brush to apply it. The liquid liner is very pigmented and has great staying power. This is a little easier to use than the gel because the applicator is firm, however I found both to be fairly good.

Two palettes at only £1.00 each, say whaaaaat?

Yes you heard correct, 'Dazzle' eyeshadows have 5 shadows and are £1.00 and the 'Afterdark' eyeshadows have 4 shadows and are yes £1.00 too. Crayyyyy. If you are on a budget but still want to create different looks then try these. I am in love with the Dazzle shadows! Although both of them have fall out and they flake when I swatched them they apply really nicely and once you get passed the crumbliness you get a silky eyeshadow and the colour pay-off is amazing. That last shadow on the Dazzle palette doe?! So pretty! These are with one swipe and I think you can all get over the fact they may be slightly crumbly for £1.00 and that colour, right? Good. 

If you want a look using all these products then let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to do that for you.

I have a unique voucher code for you guys to use to get 10% off at the checkout, just enter: alana10off


  1. I love lipstick shade 13 gorgeous for a dark berry lip! Can't believe how cheap these are! x

    Beauty with charm

  2. I would love to have a look using these products please Alana!!!! :D xxx


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