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Monday, 4 August 2014
The post that was supposed to go up last week... The absolute struggle! Finally it is here though so grab a cuppa, make yourself comfy and continue reading on...

Some of you may of heard about Makeup Revolution already, I hadn't until they became an absolute storm in the blogging community. Everyone is raving about them and I can now see why. 

I believe there is always room for a new beauty brand. There is always something one brand is missing or doesn't quite meet up to our now very high standards. Especially in the drugstore and high-street make-up brands - they just don't quite satisfy our needs. I know they don't satisfy my needs. Why? Because there is nothing better for me than to go and get a luxurious eyeshadow palette with pigmented shadows and a great colour selection. Maybe that's just me and maybe I'm a snob in that sense but I can honestly say before Makeup Revolution I was a drugstore eyeshadow palette virgin - uh huh guilty. I didn't even have single eyeshadows from the drugstore. The reason for this is probably because there aren't any drugstore or high-street makeup brands that have tempted me enough to buy such palettes, and to be honest there are very few with a good enough content in my eyes to call a palette. 

Hello Makeup Revolution! Where have you been all my life? I urge you to check out their website immediately - well not immediately wait until you've finished reading here first! Don't be rude. You get an enormous selection of eyeshadow palettes to fulfil any make-up junkies addiction for a lifetime, concealer palettes which the high-street are lacking and just everything you could wish for. How have I only just heard about it - literally dying inside and so is my bank card. 

I was sent some lovely products from the people over there and I wanted to talk to you a little more about them, so if you are bored already then you should probably go (but you'd be stupid to #justsayin')...

  *all products will be listed at the end with prices and direct links to purchase

Uhhh hello perfect dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette! As soon as I opened this parcel I was instantly drawn to the palette and was literally squealing, yes squealing to my mum.. She thought I was crazy - she'd never understand.  If you have been wanting the Naked 3 palette but don't want to part with the cash? Then get this. It will literally be your everything. It has the perfect balance of mattes and shimmer shadows to create a soft or smoky eye. The pigmentation of these shadows is amazing as you can see from the swatches below, although some being less pigmented but that's guaranteed in most palettes these days. They are however less finely milled than you would find other higher end brands but I kid you not when I say I prefer this to my Naked 3. Yes, I said it. After my Friday Fiasco trying to get this blog post up and sadly failing I went to the gym to blow off some steam. Fully caked on with make-up I sweated it out for a good 45 minutes and did these babies crease? Nuh uhh. Not one bit. No primer, nothing and I have very oily eyelids. They still looked perfect after 4 hours of application, and I can't say that about my Naked 3 palette. There was also no fall-out when I applied them which is perfect for those who love to create a dark smoky eye. 

Can one girl have too many black eyeliners? Probably not. This Black Kajal liner will definitely be added to my everyday routine. I love the cute packaging of it and it sits really well on my desk. The liner is perfect for the waterline and tight-line, however I attempted it on my upper lash line and that didn't go to well. It would work well if you wanted to create a thicker smoky line, but for an everyday winged liner this wouldn't work. It glides on smoothly and doesn't drag either. Bonus that you don't have to keep sharpening it either (always a plus in my book).

The Ultra Black Amazing Volume Mascara isn't something I would normally choose, purely for the fact that I don't get along with those type of mascara wands. I prefer the plastic ones with the combs. None the less I did use it and I got a fairly good result from it. I had to apply several layers and really work the lashes and that's the reason why I generally don't use these types of mascaras. I find it takes a lot longer to get the effect you want and the product distribution is a lot less. However, if you like the brush then this would be a good mascara for you.

The Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer is a gorgeous blue toned bright pink. I don't have anything of this consistency (similar to the Apocolips) or of this colour so I was so excited to try it. The swatch below is just one swipe of this and as you can see it is so pigmented and really glossy. The thing I love about this is the fact its not sticky like a lipgloss but of a really creamy texture that glides on the lips and lasts for ages. The shine does wear off after a while but the colour still remains for an extremely long period after. It smells yummy too! 

The blush is a bright pink, again something I don't have of. It's a very creamy texture and highly pigmented. I had to use a light hand when applying this because I could of looked like a clown. It went really well with the make-up but how much use I'd get out of this daily? Not much, but I don't tend to wear blush daily anyway. It will definitely be making an appearance when the lip lacquer comes out that's for sure. They are a match made in heaven.

Sorry about the dodgy eye shots haha, I think I was scowling at my boyfriend then. What a QT. All products mentioned were worn here.

I went for a soft smoky eye because the lips and cheeks were very bright and vibrant. I absolutely love this look and I wore it the next day too! At such affordable prices you can not go wrong here. I can't wait to try more Makeup Revolution products!

Products mentioned:

Have you tried Makeup Revolution? What are your thoughts and fav products?


  1. I love this post so much - it made me actually buy the palette, great blog! x

    1. Aw thank you! I hope you love it as much as I do :) x

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    1. Thank you! Yes that would be lovely, I will follow you now x

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