Taking Flight with Ardell Demi Wispies

Tuesday, 22 July 2014
Hi lovelies - I was meant to post yesterday (my usual blogging day) but the make-up look I created was ruined by a pair of false lashes. Now I'm more into my blogging I thought I would start using lashes as they do make your make-up transform into something more 'va va voomie'. I'm currently in the process of finding the 'perfect lash' for me, and I'm yet to find some. I was so upset the way it made my make-up look last night I decided not to post it as I couldn't get any nice close-ups of the pretty eye make-up. A whole lotta make-up wasted and a hella lot of time wasted too. Today I decided I would post some selfies I did take that didn't look too bad and give you my thoughts on the lashes I used. I just couldn't waste the look (majority of)! 

Disclaimer*: By no means am I slating the brand as I will be purchasing from then again, just the lashes I did buy did not work for me.

So I used the Ardell Demi Wispies in Black. I'd heard a lot about them and while in Boots the other day I saw some and purchased instantly. In the packaging they didn't look too long but when I put them on I thought I was going to take off in flight! They wing out so much at the end I honestly felt like a baby prostitute haha! They tickled my eyebrows for goodness sake. Now I know for a fact they look AMAZING on some girls, I've seen the photos (now looking at them in envy thinking 'why don't they work for me?') I just think they are way too long at the corners for me to pull them off well. Luckily, they are only £5 something from Boots so I wasn't too disheartened when I flung them in the bin.  

Also, guaranteed most of you will think they don't look that bad...guarantee you, they did in person. But here goes...

Yeah these two are my I give up, I hate the world, I wasted so much makeup for this, no blog today gonna cry selfie.. could be a new trend? Thought I'd include them for the lols anyway..

So yeah, you can see that these were the 'best' pictures I had - I liked the look from far away but any closer and I looked like I had those hairy caterpillars on my lash line. Skin looked good though, right? NARS Sheer Glow to the rescue - if you haven't got it yet, get it. These pictures are unedited with just flash and in HD so it looks pretty flawless. 

What lashes do you use? PLEASE leave comments below telling me your faves!

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